Meet Our Founder

How It Began


Meet Janel Prator the CPO (Chief Pudding Officer) at The Puddery located in Los Angeles, CA. In 2006 while working for the phone company Janel often took her home cooked goods to work to impress her coworkers. One day she decided to take banana pudding as a special treat and to her surprise the response was overwhelming! She knew she had something big on her hands.  Being the self-proclaimed born-preneur (entrepreneur at birth) she decided to turn this creamy goodness into a business and The Puddery (formerly Nana Queens) was born.

She revolutionized a classic southern dessert giving it a twist using some of the finest ingredients and an assortment of unique fruits and cookies. 

The Puddery’s banana pudding has many devoted customers and landed on reality shows like, “The Great Food Truck Race” on Food Network in 2010 and “Mind Your Business with Mahisha Dillenger” on OWNTV in 2018.

Today, the Puddery's banana pudding can be found in several partner restaurants in LA, catered at special events and delivered locally to your door.

Future expansion plans include multiple Puddery trucks and even a brick and mortar.

Janel currently is a Senior Technical Manager for the phone company and self-taught baker. Her mission is to spread pudding goodness in a cup around the globe.